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Vertcity is the first community producer.  We add true value for local community that digital can not perform.

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Is a private held commercial real estate company based in Manhattan New York that specializes in acquiring managing, and repositioning of Value-Add Class A and Class B retail and office properties in prime and distressed markets. For over 5 years. Although the companies core holdings remain in New York and New Jersey, We will look at any potential acquisition in any major metropolitan cities in the US.

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Acquiring Value-Add Properties

The VertCity Company is Using hands-on management techniques combined with experienced property managers, we are able to recognize the full potential value of the asset by making improvements to the property’s appeal, leasing it fully with quality tenants, and lowering the operating costs through efficient management thereby maximizing its value.Over the years, we have turned around 100’s of such properties in multiple states.

Some Of Our Current Holdings

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Countries with VertCity


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  • How does VertCity work?
    We will be working with you as an investor on 1:1 basis. Simply contact us and one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule a consultation.
  • How can I invest in VertCity's Properties?
    You are going to invest in shares of investment project(s) that Vertcity controls. Please contact us and we will reach out to you.
  • Do you offer money back ?
    Because of the nature of investment in Real Estate Properties, the invested money may become illiquid for certain period of time. Vertcity tries to set up a time horizon roadmap for our clients for clear understanding of investment in Real Estate Properties and reasonable expected time to realize return on the investment.
  • Can I have a free consultation ?
    Absolutely! You will be the final decision maker for the investment at the end of the consultation.
  • Do you have client support ?
    We try to set up an investment plan tailored to your goal. Our current investors are getting updated on a quarterly basis. We understand that the key to success and clients’ satisfation is to define a clear roadmap from the beginning. Of course, Vertcity will support you throughout the entire investment process for your maximum satisfaction.
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