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Success comes from finding opportunities in problems

We redevelop neglected retail and office buildings to elevate communities and restore community pride.


All across America there are aging retail and office buildings that have been neglected. This leads to high vacancy and turnover rates and poor cash flows which make capital improvement prohibitive. These properties get stuck in a “doom loop” of underinvestment year after year and tenants will lose pride in the community. That’s where VertCity comes in. Our team works to acquire these properties, complete substantial capital improvements and market completed projects to stabilize cashflows and reduce vacancy. We focus primarily in NY/ NJ but regularly co-invest in properties all over the country.

Modern Glass Building
Commercial Building Exterior

VertCity specializes in the acquisition and resolution of distressed and underperforming loan portfolios.

The principals and strategic partners of VertCity have been resolving non-performing loan portfolios since 2016. While we will consider portfolios across many asset classes, we focus on loans secured by commercial and residential real estate. Our capital resources combined with operational experience in bankruptcy, litigation, and value added redevelopment gives us an incredible competitive advantage when evaluating deal opportunities.

About VertCity

The VertCity Company is Using hands-on management techniques combined with experienced property managers, we are able to recognize the full potential value of the asset by making improvements to the property’s appeal, leasing it fully with quality tenants, and lowering the operating costs through efficient management thereby maximizing its value.


Although the companies core holdings remain in New York, we will look at any potential acquisition in any major metropolitan cities in the US.

Modern Building
City View

Our mission

VertCity is the first Community Producer. We add true Value for Locals Community.
That digital can not perform.

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